Process Options

Teresa is committed to helping people make decisions, solve problems and resolve conflict by offering mediation and collaborative practice process options. Mediation and collaborative practice are built upon the foundation that people should be actively engaged in identifying issues to be resolved, discussing each issue, and sharing their perspectives. Both process options provide a structure that assists participants in generating options and making decisions together to resolve their issues or solve their problems.

Mediation and collaborative practice transform decision-making. Rather than having a third person or lawyers decide or negotiate the issues, those involved in the problem-solving task or conflict take ownership and responsibility for resolving their issues. The participants fully engage in the process and experience the value of working together to create an agreement.

Benefits of Mediation and Collaborative Practice for the Queer Community

  • Private and confidential
  • Methods that encourage creativity in problem solving and options
  • Great way for long term couples to define pre-marital property
  • Crafting an agreement that is tailored to your situation instead of relying on the changing legal landscape for LGBTQ couples and families