LGBTQ Family Building

It is an exciting time for LGBTQ individuals and couples and family building in our community presents unique and interesting issues. The legal landscape pertaining to family building continues to change and evolve and Teresa has been providing guidance and support to help LGBTQ people navigate these issues for over twenty years.

The journey of family building starts with a conversation and Teresa has the experience, commitment and passion to work with individuals and couples who are exploring an array of parenting partnerships. As a mediator, collaborative lawyer, or through traditional representation, Teresa helps people connect with each other and share their hopes and dreams as they begin this journey. Teresa guides her clients through the legal issues and helps everyone involved express their perspectives and intentions together in a supportive environment. Through this dialogue Teresa will provide the information necessary to help her clients make informed choices and achieve their goals.

Whether you are choosing an unknown donor, known donor or plan to co-parent with another couple or other friends, Teresa will help you structure an agreement that represents your intentions, supports the type of family you are creating and evolves with your growing family.