Mediation is a method of decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution. It can be utilized in a broad range of issues from family building and relationship formation to separation and divorce. Mediation is built on a foundation of open disclosure and a commitment to working together to resolve the issues presented.

Teresa facilitates the process and creates a safe atmosphere for the participants to engage with each other and work toward a solution that meets each one’s needs and interests. The mediation process, through conversation, can encourage creative problem solving and resolutions. If an agreement is reached at the conclusion of the mediation, Teresa will prepare a written agreement.

As a mediator, Teresa does not make any decisions and does not provide legal advice or otherwise act as an attorney for any participant. Participants are strongly encouraged to have their own attorney to consult with and to review any agreement that is prepared. This ensures that each participant is fully informed about their legal rights and responsibilities and that they understand all aspects of the issues presented and the implications of any agreement.

Role of the Mediator

  • Impartial facilitator who helps the participants identify issues and facilitates the discussion
  • Works with participants to create an environment that encourages understanding and a positive problem-solving atmosphere and honors the dignity of all participants
  • Assists the participants in expressing their needs, interests and perspectives
  • Helps the participants clarify and understand their point of view and that of the other

Role of the Participants

  • Engagement in the process
  • Responsible for all decisions and problem-solving together
  • Commitment to express their view
  • Willing to work toward an agreement that meets the needs and interest of the participants and their family

Role of Consulting Attorney

  • Provides information, advice and support to a participant engaged in mediation
  • Meets with their client before the mediation process begins, over the course of the mediation and/or when a written agreement has been prepared
  • Provides legal support and counsel to help their client make the most informed choices and decisions
  • Honors and supports the work that has been done in mediation and ensures that the client understands the agreement and that the agreement reflects the client’s intentions