Co-habitation and Pre-marital Agreements

Marriage Equality was a groundbreaking victory for the queer community. LGBTQ married couples can now access the benefits, responsibilities and privileges of marriage. Marriage provides predictability and stability offering security for queer couples and queer families. Federal and state laws establish estate and property rights of spouses that apply in the event of death and in the event of divorce.

Many LGBTQ people live together and choose not to get married. The law does not provide the same benefits or protections for non-marital relationships. Co-habitation and prenuptial agreements provide an opportunity to establish and clarify rights and responsibilities during and after a relationship. You can define property ownership, financial obligations, and debt responsibility. You can also address how property is distributed in the event of separation and death. In addition, couples that have been in long-term relationships, can define property and the rights and obligations of the relationship prior to entering into either a co-habitation agreement or prenuptial agreement.

Whether you are getting married or moving in with your partner(s), Teresa can provide the support and counsel you need to create an agreement that reflects your principles, values and relationship philosophy.

Teresa also offers a range of process options to facilitate the conversation with all individuals involved and help you make informed choices together in a safe and supportive environment. To learn more about the process options available click here.