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Additional areas of practice

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Donor/Co-Parenting Agreements

People are creating families in many different ways. I counsel people about factors to consider when planning a family and about different types of donor and co-parenting agreements. I will prepare an agreement that meets your needs.

Second Parent Adoption

Many LGBTQ couples are starting families. It is important to protect your child and your family by insuring that you are both legal parents to your child. Completing a second parent adoption protects your child by establishing your legal rights, responsibilities and obligations to your child. It also protects the parenting rights of non-birth parents or non-legal parents.

Estate Planning

Preparing a will, health care proxy, and power of attorney are legal tools that our community must utilize to protect our rights and the rights of our families. Completing these documents will support and control how your property is distributed, who makes health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so, and who manages your financial matters in the event that you can not manage them yourself. I will counsel you on the appropriate documents for you to complete and be sure that you make informed choices about your future.

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